Canada: Bishops opposed to the redefining of marriage

Source: FSSPX News


The Canadian Bishops Conference has reiterated its opposition to homosexual “marriage”. The redefinition of marriage proposed by the supporters of gay “marriage” “offends not only the Catholic faith and practice of many Canadians, but it also has enormous civil and social consequences for everyone,” they write in a pastoral letter published on Ash Wednesday. They encourage the faithful to express their concerns about this “marriage” to the Prime Minister, the Justice minister, to members of parliament and other elected representatives.

The Canadian bishops declare themselves convinced that “marriage is the unique, essential and fundamental union between a man and a woman. From the very beginning, this position represents the teaching of the Church and reflects the history of mankind”. They note that marriage provides a stable and positive environment for children and consequently for future generations, since the right of marriage far surpasses the rights of two individuals: “marriage is ordained for the common good.” “Society must do everything possible in order that children may have a father and a mother who live together in a relationship marked by stability and love.”