Canada: The LGBT Agenda Seeks to Destroy the Catholic Church

Source: FSSPX News

Jordan Bernt Peterson

Canadian clinical psychologist, intellectual, cultural critic, and psychology professor Jordan Bernt Peterson, PhD, has warned that LGBT activists want to destroy the Catholic Church. In Canada, Catholic schools have already integrated their curriculum, and those who oppose it are harassed.

Peterson claims that the LGBT curriculum “could not be a stronger antithesis to Catholic teaching,” as if it had been created specifically for that purpose. Peterson is not Catholic, but he appreciates Catholicism and the values associated with it. And the psychologist even calls on Catholics to fight for their faith.

According to Peterson, the LGBT agenda fundamentally seeks to “destroy” all traditions, using a range of manipulative and repressive behaviors. He warned that Catholics who are naive or apathetic about it act like “useful idiots” who contribute to their own downfall.

Peterson's strong words were prompted by a statement from the Ontario Catholic Teachers' Association, which defended the LGBT curriculum in schools in response to a statement from Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who opposed the indoctrination of students through the LGBT curriculum.

Unfortunately, Dr. Peterson is all too right, but he is still missing the point: “Catholics” who defend the LGBT agenda are not only useful idiots, but they are more fundamentally in error and risk abandoning the Catholic Faith. This second point explains the first.

And these enemies from within the Church receive too much support from authorities who should sanction them and denounce their destructive maneuvers. In turn, these leaders have taken on the role of complicity which is leading to the destruction of faith and morality in the hearts of the faithful for whom these pastors are responsible.

The proof of this complicity lies in the astonishing fact that it is a non-Catholic who produces this sharp and clear warning against the LGBT program which, whatever their intentions, is objectively destructive of morality and therefore seriously harms the Church.