Canada: Priest excommunicated for his support of the ordination of women

Source: FSSPX News


Last year Fr. Ed Cachia of the parish of St Michael of Cobourg in Ontario, made public in the press his support for nine women “ordained” on July 25, 2005 on a boat sailing on the Saint-Laurent river. (see DICI n° 117).

 After having celebrated the Eucharist with “women priests” in New York and California, Fr. Ed Cachia was excommunicated by Mgr. Nicola De Angelis, the bishop of Peterborough, in Ontario.

 “He has refused to modify his position and declared that he would continue to celebrate the Eucharist with women. Mgr. De Angelis therefore had no alternative but to excommunicate him,” said Fr. Thomas Lynch, spokesman for the Canadian Catholic Church.

 The excommunicated priest then created a new Church in Cobourg, named Christ the Servant Catholic Church. The Catholic hierarchy, after having declared it schismatic, forbade the faithful to have anything to do with it.