Canada: Tracking down seminarians

Source: FSSPX News


The future Catholic priests of Montreal will be tested for Aids, Radio Canada has announced. If the result is positive, the candidate, will have to persuade the seminary director of the seriousness of his vocation before being accepted, especially if he is homosexual.

According to Fr. Marcel Demers, rector of the major seminary of Montreal, homosexuals will not face outright exclusion – admissions will be taken “case by case”. However, the chances of being accepted will be slim.

Reacting to the controversy aroused by this decision, Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, archbishop of Montreal, affirmed that the measure, which is due to come in to force this autumn, is not aimed at eliminating homosexual candidates. He recalled that the criterion of the health of the candidates had always been important, considering the duration of priestly formation, and the fact that a lifelong commitment is required of the candidates. The archbishop deplored the discriminatory intentions ascribed to him: “It is not sexual orientation that counts. It is not a witch hunt. It is an illness of the modern world which puts lives at stake.”

As proof of His Eminence being well-disposed toward homosexuals, we must recall that on the occasion of the World Aids Day, when celebrating Mass in the parish of Saint-Pierre-Apotre, in the Village at the heart of the gay quarter of Montreal, Cardinal Turcotte declared: “Stop thinking that Aids is a punishment from God…Like any other illness, it is not a punishment and these people have the right to the respect of their dignity”. During the blessing, the archbishop said again to the gays present: “Listen, I assure you, that you are loved by God, whatever people might say to you!”

The new Belgian Cardinal Gustaff Joos, aged 80, has a different opinion which he recently affirmed: “Of all those who call themselves homosexual or lesbian, there are 5 to 10% maximum who actually are. All the others are simply nothing more than sexual perverts. (…) The real homosexuals do not parade through the streets in gaudy clothes. These are the people with a grave problem.(…) Sex must be lived in indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman. Not otherwise. Period and Amen. This is not really so hard to understand, is it?