The Canton of Saint-Gall, in Switzerland, Forbids the Burka

Source: FSSPX News

After Tessin, Saint-Gall is the second Swiss canton to vote to forbid veiling one’s face in public places. 

On November 28, 2017, the cantonal government ratified a new law, with a vote of 57 to 55, that stipulates that “any person who makes himself unrecognizable by hiding his face in a public place and thus endangers public security or social and religious peace will be punished with a fine”.

The day after the vote, young socialists announced on social media that they are launching a referendum against this decision that is “not only useless, but also goes against our conception of freedom and women’s right to self-determination”. However, for the majority of the right-wing quoted by the newspaper Le Temps on November 28, Saint-Gall should “uphold its fundamental values by refusing a sign of oppression of women”.

In April of 2017, the cantonal government also voted not to forbid hiding one’s face, seeing “no public interest or need for a law in the interest of integration, since most fully veiled women in Switzerland are tourists passing through”. The executive branch nonetheless suggested including in the law an obligation to show one’s face during contact with the authorities or the administration. An insufficient measure, according to the Canton’s parliament.