Cardinal Müller Pins Down Pope Francis

Source: FSSPX News

Confinement Masses, Pope Francis’ phone call to Joe Biden, comments by Peter’s successor on homosexual civil unions ... Cardinal Ludwig Müller did not spare the Argentine pontiff during his most recent televised interview broadcast by conservative American media.

Will Cardinal Gerard Müller soon deserve the Panzercardinal title, as the press once dubbed one of his predecessors in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), Josef Ratzinger? What is certain is that the former CDF prefect does not mince words.

During the televised interview granted to Lifesitenews, and broadcast on December 11, 2020, Bishop Müller sharply criticized the closure of places of worship, due to the Covid-19 pandemic: “Politicians don't have the right to forbid the Holy Mass and celebration of the sacraments,”  explained the cardinal for whom some governments and politicians are taking this as an “opportunity to suppress the Catholic Church.”

Addressed to those who, even at the top of the Catholic hierarchy, believe that there are other ways of praying rather than going to Mass - we remember the recent words of Cardinal Mario Grech making accusations of “spiritual illiteracy” against those Catholics dismayed by the closure of their churches - the high German prelate replies: “We are not a spiritualistic religion,” he said. “The Word became Flesh, and we are beings of flesh and blood and soul. We are living in the reality of the material world – also created by God – and therefore we need this corporal visible mediation by the sacraments within the community of the believers.”

Referring to the recent election of Joe Biden to the American presidency, and Pope Francis’s phone call to the elected Democrat, Bishop Müller regretted that the Pope emphasized the wrong things. “That is a primacy of secondary things and not the most important things,…addressing the crisis of climate change, and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities.”

“Jesus didn’t found the Church for speaking about things which are of secondary importance, but of the main importance,” corrects the cardinal, “and that is that everybody will live in grace and will come to the eternal life.”

“I at least expect that in the future they will talk about abortion, which is murder of innocent babies, creatures of God, children of God,” since “that is very important, not the matter of politics, but the matter of morals and the basics of our anthropology. Everybody has his life by God, and nobody has the right to kill another person,” said the former CDF boss.

Finally, with regard to recent papal remarks evoking a civil recognition of homosexual “couples,” Cardinal Müller recalled the impossibility for a pope to change doctrine whether it is on marriage, natural law, or the sacraments.

Courageous remarks, which we would have liked to hear a few years earlier, when the high German prelate, in 2013, accused the Society of Saint Pius X as being “schismatic” for its refusal of post-conciliar liturgical and doctrinal innovations.