Cardinal Sebastiani asks Europeans to welcome Turkey

Source: FSSPX News


“For Europe and for the Christian Churches, this is the best result, but now it becomes even more important that the European Union seriously takes into account the negotiations for the entry of Turkey into the Union. It is a good result, because it enables his program of reform to go forward, and it prevents a start to  the secularization of the State. A gifted negotiator, he will carry on his policy of bipolar attention to both Europe and the Arab world.

We know how keen he is on seeing Turkey enter the (European) Union, but the Arab world is also important for Turkey, and this not only for reasons of Islamic identity, but for the oil supply. It will take time to reach a solution, and he will probably use the five years he has gained by this victory to seek a warmer welcome from Europe.

I am sure that it would be imprudent to slam the door in the face of Turkey, because this big country might then be tempted to walk out of NATO, and to go down the road of fundamentalism. The Union must pay great attention to the progress Turkey is making on the way toward a full democratization, and especially on the issue of human rights, including religious liberty. But it must not give an ultimatum, nor hurt the feelings of its negotiating partner.

(source: Corriere della Sera)