Cardinal Steiner Supports the Legalization of Civil Unions for Homosexuals

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Ulrich Steiner

New Cardinal Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, O.F.M., Archbishop of Manaus, Brazil, who served as Secretary General of the National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil gave an interview to LifeSiteNews on the occasion of his recent elevation as a prelate to the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis.

The cardinal again defended civil unions for gay people, saying it is simply a matter of financial security, not moral theology, and that Christians cannot impose their morality on non-Christians, contrary to Catholic doctrine.

“In 2014, Your Eminence advocated for the recognition of homosexual civil unions. So my question is, given that the teaching of the Church on the sinfulness of homosexual acts is part of the deposit of faith, how do you justify the legal recognition of such unions?” Steiner was asked by LifeSiteNews.

“Invoking the support of Pope Francis on the issue, Steiner answered that it was a matter of obtaining financial security for homosexuals. ‘Many of them live together until the end of their lives without security,’ the cardinal said… ‘I have seen people going toward the end (of their lives) without money. Thus, you can see that Pope Francis has spoken many times about this.’”

“He then went on to claim that moral theology had no bearing on the question, insisting, ‘This is not about a fundamentally moral question. This is about a life. This is a question about a son of God.’”

The cardinal was then asked if he accepted the teaching of the Church: “Do you accept the sinfulness of homosexual acts?” he was asked. Steiner replied that “Christians cannot declare homosexual acts a sin for those who do not have faith,” which is again contrary to Catholic doctrine, as St. Paul teaches.

Finally, when the cardinal says he has the support of Pope Francis, he is not wrong, because it was indeed this position that he supported in the diocese of Buenos Aires, and after he became pope, as has already been related on FSSPX.News.

It must therefore be noted that this pernicious error is spreading more and more at the highest level of the hierarchy and that it is even getting worse since they have gone from justifying homosexual civil unions to the negation of the sin itself that constitutes the homosexual acts.