Cardinal Trujillo judges Cardinal Martini as incompetent in morals

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family has asked Cardinal Martini to take back what he said with Pr. Ignazio Marino in the columns of the Italian weekly L’Espresso (see DICI n° 135).

Cardinal Trujillo expressed himself twice, on May 4 and 6, 2006, in the Spanish daily El País and on the Columbian TV. He will ask Cardinal Martini "through official channels" whether his statements on abortion and condom, as well as on euthanasia and adoption "are to be considered as authentic". If they are, he added, such theses are to be rejected as foreign to Catholic morals".

Cardinal Trujillo said he was well acquainted with his confrere and esteemed him as a great scholar of the sacred texts, but, in matters of bioethics, he considers him incompetent: "This is not his field. He always worked on the Bible. In the field of bioethics, he may only have expressed personal opinions which are not found in the magisterium.

On the issue of condom, Cardinal Trujillo recalled that no exception was admitted, not even that mentioned by Cardinal Martini in the case of one of the spouses being infected with AIDS. As for abortion, and the "legitimate defense and lesser evil" seen by Cardinal Martine in the case of a mother whose life would be "seriously endangered" by her child, Cardinal Trujillo answers: "Such a thesis can only been explained by a mistake in the transcription. I mean to ask Cardinal Martini if this statement is really authentic. In Evangelium Vitæ, there is a formula very close to a dogmatic definition: Never, under any pretext, may the life of the innocent be eliminated, and the life of the innocent is the fetus. The Church never admitted that, in case the mother’s life were threatened by her pregnancy, abortion would be allowed, and she shall never allow it. This is the one and only doctrine of the Church. I believe, that, for that matter, the cardinal was misinterpreted, because a personality of such importance, and with such a broad knowledge, very well knows that Catholic morals affirm something different. Next time Cardinal Martini comes to Rome, rest assured that I will ask him to account for the transcription of his words, and for my part I feel certain that I will hear good news from him and that his declarations were misinterpreted."

"The Church", concluded Cardinal Trujillo, "is not reviewing any of her positions concerning condom and abortion."

The interview Cardinal Trujillo granted to El País on May 4, 2006, will be integrally reproduced in the study devoted to the heterodox statements of Cardinal Martini, to be published in Christendom.