Cardinal Zen Expects the Worst for His Former Diocese of Hong Kong

Source: FSSPX News

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) approved a bill on May 28, 2020 seeking to ban “treason” and “secession” in Hong Kong. The next day, Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop emeritus of the former British colony, reacted by denouncing Chinese “totalitarianism.”

Since the signing, in September 2018, of a secret agreement between Xi Jinping’s China and the Holy See, the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong has often stepped up to warn the authorities of the Church, and more generally the West, that it is always dangerous to sit at the table with the devil, even with a long spoon.

Current news once again proves the Chinese prelate right: Beijing’s May 28 approval of a “national security” bill is likely to threaten “world peace.”

“Of course there is concern and anger in Hong Kong because we feel that it risks losing its uniqueness and will become a simple Chinese city like the others where freedoms no longer exist. I am afraid that we could lose our autonomy, which was promised by the Beijing regime years ago in the joint Sino-British declaration of 1984. Beijing is the source of all of Hong Kong’s current problems,” explains Joseph Zen on May 22 in the columns of La Croix newspaper.

The cardinal does not hide his concern: “even the West seems to have lost all hope before China’s aggressive behavior,” he said, adding that now “Hong Kong expects the worst.”

In an interview with the Catholic News Agency on May 27, Archbishop Zen reiterated his concern: “Hong Kong is simply completely under China’s control. We depend on China even for our food and water. But we put ourselves in the hands of God,” sighs the high prelate.

There are an estimated 250,000 Catholics out of the seven million people in the former British colony.

At the Hong Kong Chief Executive is a woman, Carrie Lam, accused of being a puppet in the hands of Beijing. This practicing Catholic (!), present at the annual session of the National People’s Congress which opened in the Chinese capital on May 22, declared herself ready to “cooperate fully” with the implementation of the new law.