Catholic Church Opposes RU 486 Pill on Ten Counts

Source: FSSPX News

On October 14, 2009, the Pontifical Council “Justice and Peace” published on the Internet website of the International Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân a “decalogue” enumerating the reasons for which the Catholic Church opposes the RU 486 Pill, aka: “abortion pill”. The Foundation St. Matthew instituted the International Observatory in memory of Cardinal Van Thuân and named it after him. It is created to make known the Social Doctrine of the Church.
“The issue of life is at the very center of the Social Doctrine of the Church […] because it has to do with the dignity of the individual,” recalled Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldy, Secretary of the Dicastery and President of the Observatory. He added that: “dependent on the way people tackle the issue of respect for human life are all other social issues.” The RU 486 pill is “an expression of a disgregating  culture that destroys the passion for life and delivers a blow to the very origins of the meaning of being together,” he wrote.
The 10 commandments are the following: “An abortion is always an abortion; chemical abortion is no less dangerous for the health of a woman; RU Pill seems like medicine, but it’s only poison; the “pill” to abort makes abortion a trivial matter; RU 486 forces a woman into solitude; there is not enough time for a woman to really think about what she is doing; RU 486 is un-educational ; it represents an ideology; since it is not a drug, physicians are not obliged to prescribe it; abortion is always an abortion, only an abortion.”
In 1989, Professor Jérôme Lejeune declared at the Scuola di Cristianesimo, Caritas: “On the day of the feast of the Holy Innocents, it was published that the minister of the health department had signed the authorization to commercialize the RU 486. This anti-progesterone is the first anti-human pesticide. It is the first element in the anti-human chemical war, it is the first time that we fabricate a molecule which kills little human beings in a very selective manner. And it is in the country of Pasteur that we are building a huge factory to make this product which, every year, will kill more human beings than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse Tong put together ever managed to kill.” (DICI n° 205 - 11/19/2009– Sources: apic/imedia/fondationlejeune/vanthuanobservatory)