The cause for the beatification of Pius XII is well under way 

Source: FSSPX News


Fr. Peter Gumpel, the German Jesuit member of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, spoke on April 27, during a conference on Pope Pius XII, organized by the Catholic revue 30 Days, at the Lateran University

 Postulator of the cause of Pius XII, the Jesuit Father said that “the cause for the beatification and canonization” was “well under way.” “A final meeting of the theologians of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints should take place before the summer,” he said, “in order to obtain their agreement to this cause.” It will then be necessary to receive the agreement of the cardinal members of the Congregation, then finally “the decision of Benedict XVI to declare the heroic nature of the virtues of the servant of God, Pius XII.”

 Fr. Gumpel voiced his opposition to “the continual attacks by communists, freemasons and all the groups opposed to the Catholic Church,” with regard to the pope Eugenio Pacelli. In order to “demonstrate the falseness of the black stories” which are circulating about this pope, the Jesuit Father pointed out that “more than half a million Jews had been saved” thanks to Pius XII, a fact which “nobody can deny.”

This statement is supported by the American Rabbi David G. Dalin: “The pope and Christendom cannot be accused of having collaborated with the Nazis,” since “many Jews were saved by the Church, and particularly thanks to the intervention of Pius XII.” Rabbi Dalin said that 3,000 Jews had been hidden at Castel Gandolfo and thousands of others in the religious congregations of Rome and buildings of the Holy See, thus allowing them to escape from the massive raid on the Jews of Rome in October 1943.

 At the opening of the conference Mgr. Pietro Parolin, undersecretary for Relations with States, read out a message from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, secretary of State of the Holy See. Regretting his absence from the conference, Cardinal Sodano expressed the homage which Benedict XVI paid to “the significant work” of Pius XII “as much to prevent the Second World War as to alleviate its sorrows and to hasten its end.”

 Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini, former president of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Assistance to Healthcare Workers, shot back: “All this is not enough, we must acknowledge Pius XII as a saint.” Invited to speak of the influence of Pius XII on Vatican II (1962-1965), Cardinal Angelini added: “You will say to your and to our venerable superiors that commitments are not enough and that we must act.” And he pointed out that, alluding to the cries of “Santo subito!” for John Paul II – Pius XII had “no need of crowds, but merely of the ample documentation” concerning him.