Central Europe: the secret “ordination” of a woman

Source: FSSPX News


A resident of Saint-Victor-des-Oules (in the French department of Gard), Geneviève Beney, age 55, was “ordained” priest, on July 2 in Lyons. Mgr. Phillippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons, finds that “such a ceremony will constitute, without ambiguity, a grave act of rupture with the Roman Catholic Church. (...) There will be, indeed, no truth in the words which will be pronounced, nor in the acts which will be performed”.

A similar ceremony took place on June 23 in a private chapel of Central Europe. According to one of the BBC’s radio stations (Radio 4’s Crossing Continents), whose correspondent attended the event, it is not possible to reveal the identity of the young woman, or the place where the priestly “ordination” took place.

The woman in question declared: “I hope that in five years, in ten years, things are going to change and there will be many women who will follow the same path, and the way will be a little more cleared for them”. She explained that she did not want to reveal her identity for fear of losing her job…in religious education.