Chile: A priest forbidden from teaching

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati.

Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, archbishop of Santiago, forbade Fr. Jorge Costadoat Carrasco, a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, to continue his teaching activities. The Cardinal is taking measures because this Jesuit apparently failed to respect the Church’s teaching on the family.

According to Catholic news agency ACI Prensa, quoted by Apic on April 10th, Fr. Costadoat Carrasco stated in his lectures that refusing to give Communion to the remarried divorced is “contrary to Gospel truth.” On other occasions, he called for “unlimited recognition of homosexuality” by the Catholic Church.

According to Apic, the Jesuit Provincial in Chile, Fr. Cristian del Campo, supported his confrere under sanction, emphasizing his “teaching abilities” and felt that the Faculty of Theology in which he worked ought to “reflect the pluralism of the Church.”

(Source: – DICI no. 315, dated May 15, 2015)