China: Anti-religious persecutions

Source: FSSPX News


Several hundred temples and churches have been closed down by the Chinese authorities, on the grounds that they do not belong to the religious communities recognized by the State, the agency for Catholic information, Misna, announced on October 11. This brings the total number of places of worship and prayer to be closed to 392, in the campaign against “illegal religious groups”. What is more, 4 churches and 24 temples would have been destroyed and 92 Buddhist places of worship would have been requisitioned and turned into “penitentiaries”.

According to the November 17 bulletin of the agency Eglises d’Asie [Church in Asia], the Chinese administration for radio, television and the cinema has published a ten point directive, demanding that all the distributors of audiovisual media produce programs promoting atheism and denouncing the ravages of “deviating beliefs”.

According to the directive, the efforts of the distributors, who must encourage the promotion of “scientific” thought and knowledge, will be aimed particularly to the youth .It is therefore required of radio and television to make certain that these objectives are respected, in all their programs, news bulletins, discussion programs, arts programs, soap operas and films.

Members of the Communist Party are also reminded that they must “believe in orthodox Marxism and not submit to superstition”.