China: Anti religious persecutions continue

Source: FSSPX News


Six years after his arrest by the police, an underground Chinese bishop, aged 72 has reappeared. Mgr. Jacques Su Zhimin, bishop of Baoding, missing since October 1997, has been transferred, under heavy police guard, to the central hospital of Baoding in the Hebei, the province around Peking.

Arrested and imprisoned on October 8 1997, the unofficial bishop of Baoding had not been seen since, and no information as to his whereabouts was made available to his relatives. Some time after his stay in hospital, Mgr. Jacques Su Zhimin disappeared again.

This witness to the Catholic faith has already spent 27 years of his life in prison. He belongs to a number of “underground” bishops and priests arrested by the Chinese government. The auxiliary bishop of Baoding, Mgr. Francesco An Shuxin, aged 53, has also disappeared since his arrest in May 1996.

A dozen Catholic priests and seminarians were arrested on October 20, 2003, in the north of China, according to a religious organisation, defending human rights, based in the United States.

Also in October, two elderly bishops of the underground Church, were questioned and placed under house arrest. They were subsequently pressured by the political authorities to become members of the Patriotic Association of Chinese Catholics. They are Mgr. Peter Zhao Zhendong, of Xuanhua, and Mgr. Yao Liang, of Xiwanzi, bishops of two dioceses in Hebei province.