The Church and the Internet

Source: FSSPX News


The meeting of the “webmasters” of the European Episcopates was held in Rome on June 6 and 7, on the theme Internet and the Catholic Church in Europe. The President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Mgr. John Foley, estimated that among the millions of people who surf the net each day, “many are those who may come across a word of hope, be confronted with other cultural and spiritual experiences, breaking down ideological barriers, even discovering new horizons”.

 The Internet can be a new way to God, he continued. “An appeal for the Church to think about opportunities for new means of informing, educating, praying and evangelizing, in order to take the word of God to all places, to reach those who live in solitude and those who, perhaps would never open their door”, added the American bishop.

The President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications considers that the Church has a duty to communicate the Word, and must encourage the use of the Internet for the common good, for the growth of justice and peace, with respect of personal dignity and with the spirit of solidarity. “This instrument, with the capacity to link together millions of databases, to create an immense bank of data, demonstrating that it is not merely a means of entertainment, but a vehicle of commitment, of cultural and spiritual growth”. For the American prelate, the Internet is “the Areopagus of our era, the instrument for spreading the Christian message”.

 The objective of the meeting of Christian “webmasters” is to evaluate the methods of collaboration between the Episcopal Conferences and the use of the Internet as a pastoral tool. The webmasters and those responsible for the editorial lines of the sites of the Bishops Conferences of Spain, France, Byelorussia, Slovakia, Poland, Rumania, the Russian Federation, Austria, Hungary, Italy, as well as a representative of Scandinavia took part in this meeting.

 In this spirit, the Belgian Dominicans have just created a website <> where their sermons can be heard on Sunday and all of the following week.