The Church Categorically Refuses Abortion at UN Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

Source: FSSPX News

Mgr Ivan Jurkovic

The Holy See publicly condemned a UN resolution that makes abortion easily available due to "humanitarian emergency".

The Holy See, in the voice of its Permanent Observer in Geneva, has stated that it does not endorse the paragraphs of a United Nations resolution that makes abortion more easily available in cases of humanitarian emergency.

The Economic and Social Council is one of the United Nations’ six main organs. It was instituted by the Charter of the United Nations in 1945. The council acts as a consultant for the General Assembly of the United Nations, and it is a veritable laboratory of ideas where the policies destined to be implemented on a global level are elaborated.

A Proposed Text with Diabolical Intent


On June 23, 2017, the Economic and Social Council came together to examine a text on “strengthening the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance”. The text proposes to offer women and girls of childbearing age who are living in situations of humanitarian emergency an Emergency Medical Kit including a “vacuum extractor”, which is a common way of extracting the fetus to induce an abortion.

This draft resolution is considered “unacceptable” by the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič. He recalled the Church’s opposition to any attempt to promote abortion, and denounced a mechanism that is moving forward under the cover of a series of actions supposedly meant “to prevent violence to women and girls and deal with its consequences, prevent poor health and death in the domain of reproductive health, reduce the transmission of HIV [the AIDS virus] and provide complete reproductive health services in the first phases of emergency situations.”

Cardinal Reminds Doctors of Hippocratic Oath


Archbishop Jurkovič also reminded doctors of their duties, declaring that “healthcare services must never be intended - or operate - against the life of the most defenseless or the unborn”. 

Another point of disagreement between the Economic and Social Council’s Resolution and the Holy See is the reference to the Gender Theory that the UN wishes to set in stone, which is just as unacceptable in the eyes of the Church.

In his statement, Archbishop Jurkovič pointed out that while progress has been made in the fight against famine, it cannot be denied that the debates were tense and difficult when it came to emergency humanitarian assistance respecting the elementary standards of natural law.