The Church is militant, not soothing

Source: FSSPX News

In a sermon that he gave on November 1 in Écône on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Society of St. Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay recalled that the Church here on earth is militant and that she is triumphant only in Heaven where the saints contemplate God in the light of glory.

The fight of the Church Militant against error and sin is none other than that of Our Lord carrying His Cross and offering Himself as a sacrifice for the remission of our sins. Anyone who recalls these harsh realities today comes across as a doleful obscurantist, as being pre-conciliar or else anti-conciliar. Make way for ecumenical dialogue and consensus! No more anathemas or excommunications! Except for those who are unwilling to forget that before the Resurrection there was the Sacrifice of the Cross. Before Easter Sunday necessarily comes Good Friday.

Discarding the militant character of the Church here on earth runs the real risk of seeing evangelical demands transformed into soothing talk about the “problems of society”, with a clergy incapable of offering souls anything but “psychological support”. By not forgetting that the Church must be militant, Tradition is not returning to the past but returning to the reality of the Salvation that Jesus Christ won for us by His Cross.

Abbé Alain Lorans