Come Holy Ghost!

Source: FSSPX News

Stained glass window of the Holy Ghost descending in glory by Bernini in St. Peter’s Basilica

On this eve of the feast of Pentecost, the traditional novena to the Holy Ghost asking for an abundant outpouring of His gifts comes to an end. An ancient Sequence recalls the effects of His action on souls. We can recite it to help spread these gifts of the Holy Ghost over the whole Church.

O Divine Paraclete, who proceedest equally from the Father and the Son with Thy glowing fire, give eloquence to our tongues, and make our hearts fervent in their love for Thee.

Love of the Father and Son equal and co-equal with them in essence, thou fillest and fosterest all things : and though in thyself immoveable, thou governest the stars, and givest motion to the heavens. 

Light most dear and bright! thou puttest to flight the gloom of our soul's darkness. 'Tis thou that purifiest the pure, and takest away sin and its rust. 

Thou teachest us the truth; thou showest us the way of peace and the path of justice. Thou shunnest the hearts of perverse sinners ; thou enrichest the hearts of the good with the gift of knowledge.

With thee as teacher, there is no obscurity; when thou art present, there is no impurity. The soul that possesses thee, is cheerful : and her conscience is joyful and pure.

Thou changest the elements by thee have the Sacraments their efficacy : Thou drivest away all evil power : thou bringest to nought the wickedness of our enemies.

When thou comest to us, our hearts are soothed; when thou enterest, dark clouds are put to flight; sacred Fire, when thou visitest us, thou inflamest our souls; not burning them but purging them from the dross of care.

Thou givest wisdom and fervour to souls that once were ignorant and drowsy and heedless. Thou inspirest the tongue, thou formest its speech; and the charity thou givest, makes the heart prompt to all that is good.

O helper of them that are heavily laden! Comforter of the afflicted! Refuge of the poor!—give us a contempt for earthly things, and draw our affections to the love of what is heavenly.

Consoler and creator, and guest, and lover of humble souls!—drive all evil from us, cleanse our sins, bring concord where now is discord, and support us by thy protection. 

Thou that heretofore didst visit, teach and strengthen the timid Disciples, deign to visit us; vouchsafe to console us and the faithful throughout the world.

Equal is the majesty, equal the power, and one the divinity, of the Three Persons. Thou proceedest from the Father and the Son, and art co-equal in all things with them.

Being, therefore, infinite in all perfections as is the Father, accept from us thy poor servants the praise that is due to thee, equally with the Father and the Son.