Commentary by the Head of the Congregation for Catholic Education

Source: FSSPX News


Speaking on the airwaves of Radio Vatican, on November 29, Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, affirmed that homosexuality was contrary to the natural law. “Many defend the position according to which the homosexual condition is a normal condition for the human being, as if it were nearly a third nature”, the Polish cardinal complained. In his view, “this absolutely contradicts human anthropology, and, according to the thinking of the Church, the natural law that God has engraved in human nature: bisexuality (the existence of two sexes, editor’s note)”.

“The newspapers have spoken of this document as if it were something out of the ordinary”, the prelate complained, underscoring that his dicastery was responsible for other texts on the formation of priests. He also recalled that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had spoken on this question of homosexuality “many times” for, “in this area there is a certain disorientation in today’s world”. He also cited the letter Homosexualitatis problema, published in October 1986, a “good document on the pastoral approach to be taken with regard to these people”.

Cardinal Grocholewski then asserted the right of the Church to express herself on the question of homosexuality and that “of determining what qualities are required to become a priest”. “There’s no question of discrimination when one does not admit, for example, someone who suffers from dizziness into a school for astronauts”, he insisted. The Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education also declared that, “contrary to what is sometimes asserted, this has nothing to do with discrimination toward homosexual persons”. He asserted that “every form of discrimination should be absolutely condemned”.

In addition, the Polish prelate explained: “If we are talking about ‘deep-seated tendencies’, concerning homosexuals, this means that there can also be tendencies and cases which are transitory. These do not constitute an obstacle” to the priesthood. Examples of this would be “prolonged adolescence, or accidental circumstances like inebriation or long-term imprisonment”. “In these cases, the homosexual acts do not proceed from a deep-seated tendency, but come about due to particular circumstances (…) and do not constitute an obstacle to admission to the seminary or Holy Orders”, he explained.

Finally, Cardinal Grocholewski declared that ordinations of priests with homosexual tendencies remained “valid”, but this situation requires “a person who discovers his homosexuality after priestly ordination (…) to seek to live chastely”.