Communiqué from ACIM

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Sadly gay

In the majority of the regions of France, a campaign is afoot aimed at heightening public opinion against the abuse of anti-biotic prescriptions. Thus, on statements of reimbursement sent out by Social Security, clients are being asked to refrain from demanding (or taking) antibiotics without reason, as this actually leads to bacterial resistance to this type of treatments. This campaign is entirely legitimate. But it is having a totally unexpected consequence.

Syphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema, which is very sensitive to antibiotics. The treatment for a simple throat infection prevents the development of this disease, at least in its initial stages. So much so, that the disease is cured without the victim even realizing he had it in the first place. The link between the campaign against abuse of antibiotics and that of the media in favor of homosexuality (Gay Pride, publicity for works in praise of this perversion, museum of homosexuality, denunciation of homophobia comparable with racism, etc.) is allowing a significant reappearance of syphilis within the “gay” population. It is not we who say this. This appeared in a report published by the Quotidien du Médecin, of July 9. It is the Association of Gay Doctors – yes, this really exists! – which warns homosexuals of the resurgence of syphilis within their groups (irrespective of whether they have AIDS).

Furthermore it is known that homosexuality is one of the principal causes of the transmission and spread of AIDS. We should recall that the first case of AIDS diagnosed in France was that of a homosexual who had had more than one different partner per day! Likewise in the USA, the first diagnosis was carried out on a group of homosexuals. In addition to this, is the promotion of condoms, on the subject of which, however, more and more voices are being raised in saying that they are no more than an illusory barrier against AIDS. In short, it is easy to see that France’s health budget is not going to be regulated overnight. The Social Security deficit being more or less the cost of the treatment of AIDS, or illnesses resulting from immune deficiency, characteristic of this disease.

The international meeting, held in Paris during the weekend of July 14, saw 5000 participants, who noted that between 40 and 60 million people in the world have AIDS, and that 25 million have died of it. Today, AIDS remains a killer, and the current therapies can only delay the inevitable end. But the 135,000 medical articles which have been written on the subject will change nothing.

Prof. Montagnier said, one day, that if everyone had only five partners in the context of their sex lives, AIDS would rapidly disappear1. There is but one possible promulgation which will allow AIDS to be checked – that of respect for the commandment of God regarding the sexuality of the couple. But there is practically no one to say it.

Dr. J. P. Dickés.

Communiqué from the Catholic Association of Nurses, Doctors and Health Workers.

20 place Dupleix

75015 Paris