Communiqué of ACIM (Catholic Association of Doctors and Nurses) for May 28, 2003

Source: FSSPX News


The medical establishment has for years imposed “replacement” therapies on post-menopausal women. These treatments are supposed to help them avoid a certain number of conditions like osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, aging skin, even cardio-vascular diseases. Now, the 2nd European Conference on Menopause (the first one took place eight years ago), has just arrived at the conclusion that this hormone therapy significantly increases the risk of dementia. If one remembers that last year it was discovered that the risk of breast cancer and cardio-vascular diseases are increased by this type of treatment, one might well wonder whether doctors are once again playing the sorcerer’s apprentice. The whole notion of benefit and risk is thus called into question by this finding.

Le Figaro of May 28, 2003 carried the upbeat headline “Hormones could increase the risk of dementia”. Simply a strategic error? Apparently, a consensus was established at this conference with the unanimous approval of the members of the jury. “There is an urgent need to undertake new studies of the most popular estrogen (oestradiol) and progestin therapies in Europe, whether taken orally or otherwise.” This casual sentence sends a chill up the spine. For, ever since the famous saying of De Gaulle that “they would not refund the trifle”, - he was talking about oral contraceptives – tens of millions have used these hormones in what is called “the pill”, which almost always contains “oestradiol”, and always “one of the progestins most in use in Europe”. In fact, at this time, eight million women in France are destroying their health with the oestro-progestin pill. Dr. Rozenbaum, formerly one of the loudest advocates of the pill has insisted on the “absense of intervention studies”. Translation: the pill has been prescribed without measuring its long-term effects. It’s time this situation is addressed…

Once again, they are looking for what is right under their noses. In thirty years, breast cancers have become twenty times more numerous in France; suicides as well. Why? Rozenbaum indirectly gives the answer. And movements like Family Planning should in justice be charged with complicity in genocide. It took nearly a half century to realize that hormonal treatments by an estrogen therapy by the name of Distilbene induced cancers and sterility in the next generation. How much time will it take to understand that the contraceptive pill should be illegal, being responsible for the deaths of thousands of our contemporaries? But as the Americans say, “business is business”.

Dr J.-P. Dickès, president of ACIM