Concerning the canonization of John Paul II

Source: FSSPX News


Some cardinals are harboring serious doubts over the spontaneity of the popular demand for the canonization of John Paul II, expressed during the funeral of the pope by thousands of pilgrims massed in St. Peter’s Square.

 Amongst the cardinals, the idea that the cry from the crowd “Santo subito!” (May he be made a saint immediately!) may not have been “spontaneous at all” is gaining ground, states Luigi Accattoli, Vatican expert of the Corriere della Sera, quoting a “source” who asked to remain anonymous.

 A sign of possible manipulation, according to him, the banners which read “Santo subito” had already been seen among the interminable queue of pilgrims who were waiting to pay homage to the pope during the days preceding his funeral. Then on the day of the funeral they were seen in several places around Rome, “therefore everything was not spontaneous.”

 The Focolari movement has expressed the wish to see the long procedure for the beatification of the deceased pope shortened. And it is they who were at the origin of the banners which appeared at the funeral of John Paul II

 The agency APIC questioned Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the causes of saints, about the placards demanding an immediate canonization, and on the large amount of mail addressed to the Vatican along the same lines, as well as that concerning miracles worked by the pope during his lifetime… Here is his reply: “The placards do not mean much because the reputation of sanctity amongst the faithful must go beyond the emotional level. The miracles before death are not valid for the beatification. The letters arriving at the Secretariat of State don’t mean anything either, they don’t replace miracles. The faithful must give evidence that the person has truly practiced virtue at an heroic level. We investigate, the faithful must give signed evidence, and that is what counts for the reputation of sanctity.