Coronavirus: Drop the Masks

Source: FSSPX News

The following commentary was written by Fr. Alain Lorans with specific focus on the situation in France. It does not represent the official position of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) with respect to the COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") pandemic. 

The coronavirus epidemic has made it almost mandatory to wear a mask, and - at the same time - it has removed ideological masks, revealing the true face of those who govern us politically and religiously.

Why are shops and public transport reopened for economic activity, but not the churches for the celebration of Mass, where there are certainly fewer people than in the Paris metro? Why this inconsistency?

You have to lift the liberal mask to discover the true features of a policy dominated by consumer economics, whose only values are the stock market, or even shopkeepers. These rulers do not govern, they manage the crisis, the shortages, quarantine and the release from confinement. For them, the common good is only the sum of specific, strictly material interests. They are property agents facing the settlement of a co-ownership called France, cut off from all transcendence, cut off from its Christian roots. Paris, for them, is not worth a Mass.

Faced with this state materialism which prevents the public celebration of Masses, how can we explain the silence of Pope Francis and the vast majority of bishops? It is necessary to raise the conciliar mask to reveal the true face of the non-dogmatic pastoral promotion promoted by Vatican II.

The ecclesiastical hierarchy is unanimously silent in the name of collegiality, the rare dissident voices which are heard, in a disorganized manner, do not count. However, since Dignitatis Humanæ, the bishops have not claimed any right for the Church, except common law from which all associations benefit. Conciliar religious freedom obliges! The Truth Incarnate has no more rights than disembodied ideologies. There is no spiritual common good which imposes itself, only personal truths and subjective sincerities - even successive -, juxtaposed side by side, and not dominated by a transcendent Revelation.

The present crisis provides factual proof that the political and religious authorities are intellectually powerless, morally destitute. The quicksand of political and religious liberalism offers only the possibility of getting bogged down a little deeper. We will only rebuild a city worthy of the name on the granite bases of the cathedral builders.