The creed of secularism

Source: FSSPX News

The French national Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon, published the charter of secularism that is to be posted in the schools starting on September 9.  Article 2 declares that “The State is neutral with regard to religious or spiritual convictions,” and Article 3 insists that “Everyone is free to believe or not to believe,” but it fails to add:  provided that the secularist faith is not called into question.  For that is indeed the problem:  Vincent Peillon is not neutral with regard to the laicist, secularist religion that he intends to promote through the public schools.

Author of a book entitled One Religion for the Republic: The Laicist Faith of Ferdinand Buisson, which appeared in 2010, the minister thinks that this laicism is “the religion of all religions, of all confessions, the universal religion.”  He wants “to forge a religion that not only will be more religious than the prevailing Catholicism but more forceful, attractive and persuasive.”  That is why he invited the school principals by letter, on January 4, 2013, to “rely on the youth to change mentalities”.

Therefore it is incorrect when Article 2 of the charter stipulates:  “There is no State religion.”  There is!  It is the secularist religion, and the national Minister of Education is its apostle.

Father Alain Lorans