“Death Pod”: When a Nightmare Becomes Reality

Source: FSSPX News

A promoter of euthanasia across the Atlantic has developed a device claiming “death with style and elegance,” which allows the user at his convenience to commence a painless assisted suicide, in minutes.

“The Sarco Capsule is a euthanasia device that uses liquid nitrogen to gradually decrease the amount of oxygen, in order to provide a peaceful death in a matter of minutes.” The publicity film, broadcast since May 2019 in English, is as chilling as the liquid nitrogen ominously evoked.

Yet it is a reality: Sarco is the latest creation of Dr. Philip Nitschke—aka Doctor Death—founder of Exit International, an organization that has been promoting assisted suicide for many years.

“It’s beautifully designed. It’s functional. And the simplicity of the innovative technology makes the device a marvel to watch,” says Australian physician David Swanton in the promotional video.

The designer of the prototype adds, in a tone that is reassuring for the user, “you cannot activate Sarco without obtaining a code. When you have this code, we are certain that you are of sane mind, that you are master of yourself, and that you are therefore eligible for a peaceful death.” We are not convinced.

And to be truly stylish, the product must be “safe” explains the designer. Therefore, a “live” button placed next to the “die” button makes it possible to stop the fatal process and to blow the window of the capsule. The important thing is to not hit the wrong button.

For those interested in the horror of a possible future where euthanasia would become a fundamental right—a  duty?—this death capsule is being exhibited until November 2019, at the Palazzo Michiel of Venice, on the edge of the Grand Canal. Death in Venice!