The Debate on Abortion after 20 Weeks Continues in the United States

Source: FSSPX News

The United States Senate did not succeed in obtaining a vote on January 29, 2018, on the bill to forbid all abortions after the age of 20 weeks, an age at which the fetus is capable of feeling pain.


The Republicans, who have the majority in the Upper House that together with the House of Representatives makes up the legislative branch of the federal government, were aware that the text had no chance of succeeding unless a good number of Democrats voted for the bill – particularly the senators of conservative States, where the people are less open to abortion.

But the party spirit prevailed, and only three Democrat senators joined the Republicans, thus failing to obtain the 3/5 majority or 60 votes needed.

The right to abortion everywhere in the United States dates back to 1973. The Supreme Court decision made the limit the “viability” of the fetus and not a specific number of weeks.

“The fact that Democrats would want to continue brutal late-term abortions, which dismember viable babies that feel pain, really shows the depths of human depravity – and how far our nation has slipped into barbarity,” declared Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, one of America’s largest pro-life associations.