Dec. 8, Engagements in the SSPX

Source: FSSPX News

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary was honored to have 1 resident priest, Fr. Steven Reuter, and 3 guest priests, Frs. Anthony Haynos, Mark McFarland, and Scott Graves, make their perpetual engagements in the Society of St. Pius X.  12 seminarians made their engagements for the first time.

All 4 priests were ordained in 2012 at Winona.  Fr. Reuter was sent to the Dominican Republic for 1 year before being placed at the Seminary where he now teaches Ethics and Dogma II. He oversaw the building of our new seminary in Virginia. 

Fr. Haynos was chosen for Sanford, FL for 3 years before his appointment as Prior of St. Louis, MO. 

Fr. McFarland has been at St. Mary's, KS for 5 years, spending his first 3 as professor in the College. He is currently Principal of the girls' school. 

Fr. Graves was stationed at Post Falls, ID for 3 years and presently resides at Browerville, MN where he serves as Pastor of the Long Prairie mission and Principal of its school.  

The Immaculate Conception

The Mass and Ceremony was officiated by Rev. Fr. Patrick Abbet, Vice-Rector of the Seminary. In his sermon, he spoke about the need of the Immaculate Conception for us. 

Our Lady was given the grace of being preserved from the stain of Original Sin, and so from the dominion of the Devil.  By this grace she was able to participate in the Sacrifice of her Son and merit the title of "Co-Redemptrix."  She has triumphed over sin, and now abides in the glory of heaven. 

We however, still have to fight a battle against the wounds of Original Sin in our souls.  

The Mass: Our Spirituality

Our Holy Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, gave to the members of the SSPX the tactics to use in this battle. He defined the particular spirituality of our Society to be the spirituality of the Mass. It is nothing more than following the example of Our Lord, who offered Himself on the altar of the Cross as both Priest and Victim, and who renews this offering daily in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Thus we must plant the Cross firmly in our lives and live according to its spirit. 

Our Lady, Mother of Priests

We cannot do this without the Immaculate Conception. As Our Lady formed Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, so also we must allow her to form us into good priests according to the image of her Son.