Did you say "fundamentalists"?

Source: FSSPX News

In the department of Aude, in France, Fr. Philippe Guitart has seen the number of parishes under his care grow from 42 to 80 in one year.  Even with his motorcycle, he cannot visit them all, which is why he depends on groups of laymen who take care of the catechism, the liturgy, health, solidarity, communication, the welcome of new-comers... That is how things are done in Africa were the missionaries are few.
On the other side of the Alps, a study has just come out under the title: Diocesan Priests in Switzerland -- Prognosis, Interpretations, Perspectives; it reveals a constant decrease in numbers and an obvious aging in the Swiss clergy, where the average age is 65 years old.  The perspectives are grim: the vital prognosis is at stake.
And in spite of the lifeless dioceses that will soon be merged -- as the parishes have been -- the bishops and specialized reporters obstinately continue to call the young priests and faithful attached to Tradition "fundamentalists".  As if they pathetically wished to ward off a fate that they know to be henceforth inevitable. "Let us shout 'down with the integrists' before they call us 'disintegrated'."  The closer the risk of disintegration comes, the louder they shout.  And Tradition ever advances.

Fr. Lorans