District of Africa : Newsletter no.2

Source: FSSPX News

During this month of October, you will be called upon in your parishes to take part in the collection for the Mission. This financial help will be sent to a particular missionary work at the other end of the world and to one that you will probably never visit, which may seem to you very distant from your own urgent needs of everyday life. To encourage your generosity with the foreign missions, there is nothing better than to cite the Encyclicals of the Popes. This is what Pope Pius XII said, on June 2nd, 1951:
"Your charity can certainly be employed in no better cause since it is thus destined to propagate the Kingdom of Christ and to bring salvation to so many still outside the Fold. It is the Lord Himself Who ‘gave to everyone of them commandment concerning his neighbour’. (Ecclus., XVII, 12.)

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