Do we pray, or do we play?

Source: FSSPX News

On the eve of a conclave, journalists are drawing up lists of papabili and speculating on the chances that one or another will be elected pope.  Some bets are even made publicly, and people feverishly follow the “odds” on the cardinals!

The liturgy demands that we pray, not play the odds!  The Mass pro eligendo summo pontifice—for the election of the Supreme Pontiff—offers prayers that are much more worthwhile than human reasoning or derisive speculations.

Collect:  Humbly we beseech and implore You, Lord:  may Your infinite goodness give to the Holy Roman Church a pontiff who will always be pleasing to You by his supernatural zeal on our behalf and will merit the veneration of Your people by his wise government to the glory of Your Name. 

Secret:  In Your abundant goodness, Lord, be gracious to us:  that through these holy gifts that we respectfully offer to You, we may have the joy of seeing a pontiff pleasing to Your Majesty preside over the government of our Holy Mother the Church. 

Postcommunion:  Having been renewed by Your precious Body and Blood, may we rejoice, O Lord, through the admirable grace of Your Majesty, to have a pontiff who will instruct Your people in virtue and diffuse in the souls of the faithful the sweet fragrance of spiritual graces. 

Fr. Alain Lorans

Novena for the election of the Sovereign Pontiff - March 2013 (1st to 9th)