In the Dominican Republic, the Bishops Mobilize Against Abortion

Source: FSSPX News

In a solemn appeal to the faithful and all men of good will, the bishops of Santo Domingo spoke out against the media campaign that is currently trying to impose the “right to abortion” on the country.

The bishops of the Dominican Republic showed no lack of courage at their 55th plenary assembly that was held from July 2 to 7, 2017: their final letter was an irrevocable condemnation of the campaign being led in the country to change the legislation on abortion.

“The depenalization of abortion goes against natural law and the Constitution,” declared the prelates as they unanimously denied the existence of a so-called right to murder unborn children and exhorted the legislators “not to commit the grave mistake of allowing any act that goes against life and the constitutional order to enter into the legislation.” The Dominican episcopate also warned the faithful of the media that tends to relay biased information undiscerningly in favor of abortion in the country: “Those who spread propaganda in favor of abortion,” reads their letter, “promote an aggressive media campaign in order to convince society that by depenalizing abortion, the rights and the freedom of women will be better defended and that maternal mortality will decrease. This is not true in any way.”

Abortion was not the only topic treated during the plenary session which also reflected on the formation of priests and ecclesiastical institutions such as the National Pastoral Institute, the Pontifical Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Santo Domingo.

Lastly the bishops denounced the growing corruption and impunity in civil society. They exhorted the National Judicial Council to choose and nominate in courts “persons strongly imbued with patriotic values and capable of distinguishing themselves with their professional abilities, their honesty, their moral integrity, and their political impartiality”.

At the end of the assembly the bishops of Santo Domingo elected new heads for the Bishops’ Conference: Bishop Diómedes Espinalde León, bishop of Mao–Monte Cristi, became president; Bishop Héctor Rafael Rodríguez, bishop of La Vega, vice-president; and Bishop Ramón Ángeles Fernández, the auxiliary bishop of Saint-Domingue, secretary.