Ecumenical telegram from John Paul II to the Istanbul victims

Source: FSSPX News


On November 15, following attacks on two synagogues in Istanbul, which left 23 dead and 300 injured, Cardinal Sodano sent a telegram on behalf of the pope to the apostolic nuncio in Turkey, in which he asked that “never again should religious identity be a source of conflict.”

Making no mention of the religious origins of the victims, the Secretary of State continued: “The Holy Father has asked me to address to the entire nation, and to the people concerned, his deepest condolences. He asks the Almighty to receive the dead into His Kingdom, and to sustain the injured, the sorely tried families and all the faithful, severely shaken by this latest tragedy, which touches all men of good will. He asks the Almighty to come to the aid of the rescuers, and all who have the care of those in mourning.”

“The pope calls once more on the men and women of the whole world to mobilize in favor of peace and against terrorism, having respect for freedom of belief and personal convictions.”

On the following day during the Angelus, the Sovereign Pontiff again launched an appeal for peace: “Once again terrorism has achieved its destructive work, particularly devastating in Iraq and Turkey. While I continue to pray for the victims, I reiterate my spiritual proximity to the many families who mourn their dead. At the same time I express my intense solidarity with all who care for the injured and who repair the damage.” He added: “no one should give way to the temptation of discouragement and retaliation: respect for life, international solidarity and adherence to the law must prevail over hatred and violence.”