Source: FSSPX News


The current news is monopolized by the war in Iraq. For our part, we do not have any reason to return to this subject, we wish to devote more time to a theme which is dear to us: the place of Tradition in the Church and its recent development. The conference given in Paris on March 30 by bishop Fellay sums up the current state of affairs. The reader will find large excerpts from it in our Documents section.

However, we must briefly comment on the “important note” issuing from the Apostolic Administration of Campos (which you can read in the Documents section), which seriously challenges the Society of St. Pius X for being nothing less than schismatic and suspect of heresy. They add that the Administration has no link with the Society or with the monastery of Nova Friburgo in Brazil.

You will notice in the interview with bishop Fellay which appears below, the concern which preoccupies him with regard to the subject of Campos and the observation that they were going down a path of repudiation with tragic haste. This preoccupation is only too justified and the accusations emanating from Brazil cannot but leave one confounded. After fighting for years, following the leadership of bishop de Castro Mayer, in the same battle we are fighting today, how have they arrived at such a blunt condemnation that ultimately implicates them? The only explanation given is the Roman agreement, which would have changed and taken care of everything. That’s a bit simplistic. First of all because, as Cardinal Castrillon recognized, a solution for the Society seems almost impossible because of the opposition of the bishops, above all those of France. Also because, as bishop Fellay explains, the car is lovely, but it doesn’t work…

Would that our old friends pause a moment and consider where events have brought them. What remains of the things they clung to before? THE solution, THEIR solution has dissolved their will to fight and has left them in a daze while waiting for a better tomorrow. A great voice has been silenced, which is now only raised in order to proclaim sententiously: Out of the Church, schismatics, heretics!

We must take note of these anathemas and draw from them the logical conclusions, hoping that nothing worse will happen to them.