Editorial: German bishops ‘Through the Looking Glass’

Source: FSSPX News

According to some German bishops, the ordination of priests in the Society of St. Pius X at the end of the month should not take place. Neither should a new chapel at Fulda for the celebration of the Tridentine Mass have been opened on June 7. In their view, these are simply provocations, and they think that the priests and faithful attached to Tradition should be prevented from growing, and be suffocated little by little…

Speaking of suffocation, these prelates are certainly not lacking in hot air! They want the moral and doctrinal, liturgical and disciplinary crisis of the last 40 years, to be resolved in less than six months. They would like everything put back in order as if nothing had happened, as if there had not been a tragic decline in the number of vocations, no dramatic fall in the practice of the sacraments, no state of “silent apostasy”, to quote John Paul II. In short, as if we were in the world of Alice in Wonderland. It’s high time they came back to this side of the looking glass and opened their eyes to the reality of the Church!

There they would see that the dividing line is not between Rome and Ecône, but between the Church which is two thousand years old and that which is not even fifty, and to which Cardinal Benelli, assistant to the Secretariat of State, himself referred as the “Conciliar Church” in 1976.

When this breach no longer exists, the Society will cease to be perceived as a provocation. And these bishops will see just how necessary the priestly ordinations and the blessings of chapels were, so that the Church may live!

Fr. Alain Lorans