Europe: The Alarming Situation of Catholicism, According to Cardinal Erdö

Source: FSSPX News

Last September 29th, on the occasion of the opening of the General Assembly of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE) in Tirana, Albania, its president, Peter Cardinal Erdö expressed concern about the increase of Christophobia in Europe. “In the media, the schools, and in public opinion there is a systematic propagation of an attitude opposed to Christianity,” maintained the Hungarian prelate.  He went on to explain, “the Christian faith is represented in a false way, the internet sites hosting Christian content are systematically being closed or censored.” For the Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, the “grave crisis of European countries is having a serious effect on the life of families and single people . . . One of the obvious symptoms of the crisis is the economic crash. But the ethical and anthropological crisis is more profound and insidious and it is spreading into families, education, and the media.”

Peter Cardinal Erdö also denounced “drugs, abortion, and euthanasia,” as manifestations of the “social tensions crossing Europe. Signs of a culture of death, they also symbolize the increasing violence that affects the younger generation and increases the sense of insecurity.”  Again, according to the Cardinal,  the Catholic Church in Europe is working “for a renewal of society by proclaiming the Christian message,” in taking up the call of the Pope for “a new evangelization of the continent.”  (Sources : apic/kna – DICI n°242 du 14/10/11)