European Union: A Veritable David versus Goliath Matchup

Source: FSSPX News

A joint action from Hungary and Poland has checkmated a European project on “equal treatment for all without distinction of religion or conviction, handicap, age, or sexual orientation.”

The signal sent on December 6, 2018, to the Public Affairs Council is not to be underestimated: the ministers of the 28 member-states were unable to agree upon a text intended to present “Europe’s values” regarding certain rights demanded by homosexual pressure groups. 

The Hungarian minister, followed by the Polish minister, entered the fray, refusing any mention of the term “LGBTIQ” that designates the homosexual mentality in the text of this project for the fight against discrimination. 

The rare consequence: the European Union’s ministers of public affairs were unable to adopt the “conclusions of the council” as such and had to content themselves with the “conclusions of the presidency”.

“This is an unacceptable step backwards,” lamented the Dutch minister Wouter Koolmees, one of the most zealous spokesmen for the homosexual cause.

Once again, the rift can be seen between the more traditional central European nations and those of western Europe that extol unbridled liberalism.

The result, while nothing spectacular, does go to show how a joint effort on the European scale can create an obstacle for a dominant ideology that seeks to impose its so-called values on the European Union, values that are more a source of death than of freedom.