Exposition of photos of the "Pietà" of Michael-Angelo

Source: FSSPX News


This hall is plunged in darkness. A delicate effect of light, sustained by a musical background of Gregorian chant, invites the visitor to the contemplation of this major work. For the Frenchman Daniel Courant, an organ player impassioned for this exposition which he already showed in collaboration with his sister in Paris, Madrid, Vienna and Czestochowa : "Robert Hupka is on the same soul level as Michael-Angelo. He meets him in what is purer in his inspiration".

Of Viennese origin, Robert Hupka, deceased in 2001, settled in the United States after the war. In 1964, he learns that Pope John XXIII agreed to let the Pietà of Michael-Angelo, which belongs to the Vatican Arts collections, leave Rome for the first time in order to be shown at the universal exposition in New York. He is chosen to record the musical program for the Vatican pavilion where the Pietà will be shown.

Commissioned to take photos of the artwork for the cover of the memorial record of the exposition of 1964, he is overwhelmed by the beauty and spirituality radiating from it, to the point of consecrating to this all his time in the following months. From April 1964 to November 1965, he will take over 5,000 snapshots, multiplying the viewpoints and the angles of approach. He became fascinated and could not tear himself away : "Once I had begun, I just could not stop, until the time when the boat taking the statue back to Italy was out of sight."

In 1972, a maniac attacked the statue with a hammer. The event upset Robert Hupka and convinced him to give to the public his most beautiful pictures of the masterpiece of Michael-Angelo.

Nowadays the Arstella Editions society is in charge of the diffusion of this photos through an exposition and the publication of various books. Its website makes it possible to see close-ups of this statue.

Address: www.arstella.fr