Facebook Blocks Promotion of Anti-Abortion Movie on its Platform

Source: FSSPX News

Facebook blocked the page promoting the project of a movie entitled "Roe vs. Wade," whose main theme is inspired by the decision handed down by the United States Supreme Court in 1973.

Facebook’s objective is most likely to prevent fundraising for financing this movie. The movie does seem to intend to remain faithful to the historical facts. As the Spanish website infocatolica.com points out, the scenario “examines the lies and manipulative tactics of pro-abortion militants”, and highlights “the eminent defenders of life who fought valiantly to defend the right of babies to life”.

The stakes are high, as this is no amateur movie. The producer, Nick Loeb, has announced his intention of taking legal action against Facebook’s censorship: “They have even blocked people sharing the ads I paid for,” Loeb said. “This is stealing or fraud.” 

In 2016, former employees of the social network admitted, according to infocatolica.com, that they “suppressed conservative news stories” and promoted “liberal” opinions. 

Facebook has several editing mechanisms, called content control centers. Hundreds of people are employed, at all hours of the day and night, to check the publications of the social network’s nearly two billion active users. According to a recent investigation of Facebook's practices, “the rules are adapted to the major trending social questions”. For example, Syrian refugees were incorporated into the Facebook directives as a group of vulnerable people who need specific protection.

They clearly do not yet intend to include unborn children in this category.

This is not to endorse the film by any means - there is very little known about this project, and the actors in this proposed movie are certainly not of the highest moral character themselves. However, it is concerning to see that even Hollywood is facing an uphill battle to promote the cause of life.