Fatima: continued

Source: FSSPX News


The Voz de Fatima, the monthly magazine of the Shrine of Fatima, edited by Fr. Luciano Guerra, who was mentioned in the preceding issue of DICI, reads in his issue of November 13 2003, n° 974:

"Nearly 500 priests concelebrated the closing Eucharist of the international pilgrimage on the occasion of the October 13 anniversary at the Fatima Shrine […]. 468 priest, 16 deacons and 15 bishops took part in this ceremony, gathered around the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon, Don José da Cruz Policarpo, who presided over this latest international anniversary pilgrimage of this year."

It was a "campal" Mass (in the open air on the large esplanade) which brought the October pilgrimage to its close. The magazine shows a photograph of the leaving procession, where, according to the caption, there were representatives of the Anglican and Orthodox churches. However, in the televised report of the ceremony, the Orthodox archbishop Epiphanius Perialas, of the ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople could be seen in the front row of archbishops and bishops. During the Mass, he made all the "liturgical" gestures with the other concelebrants.

What is more, on the evening of October 12, this same Orthodox bishop was present near to the altar of the Capelinha, during the patriarch’s Mass.

In the face of these scandalous events, a witness, having gone to Rome for the 25th anniversary of the current pontificate, asked for an appointment with the Bishops’ Congregation in order to leave a sheaf of documents denouncing the activities of Don José da Cruz Policarpo. He was received by Mgr. Rafaele, whom he asked whether the Vatican had authorized concelebration with the Orthodox. He then related what had happened at Fatima on October 13. He was promised that his information would be taken into account. We hope so.