First Priestly Ordinations in Dillwyn, VA

Source: District of the USA

The vast tent is set for the ordinations.

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary and the US District of the Society of St. Pius X are pleased to announce the first priestly ordinations which will be held tomorrow at the new seminary facility.

On Friday July 7, 2017 at 9:00am, His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay will ordain the nine following deacons to the priesthood:

Rev. Mr. Ridchard Brueggermann, of Union, KY;

Rev. Mr. Christopher Hone, of Prospect, PA;

Rev. Mr. Peter Kallal, of St. Louis, MO;

Rev. Mr. Tyler Nelson, of Mazonanie, WI;

Rev. Mr. John Carlisle, of Nicholville, NY;

Rev. Mr. Joshua Jacobs, of Green, IA;

Rev. Mr. Jonathan Kopec, of Hastings, MN;

Rev. Mr. Ian Palko, of Kansas City, MO;

Rev. Mr. James Torzala, of Walton, KY.

The ordination ceremony is the high point of the year at the seminary, and most of the preparation work for the ceremony had already been accomplished; there were still many final details to be taken care of, however.

In the great tent where the ceremony will be held, the seminarians conducted one last rehearsal while the organist practiced the propers.

In a second tent up the hill the Dominican Sisters from Wanganui, New Zealand hosted a booth where they sold beautiful chapel veils and books by Dominican authors; in the morning they will be joined by several more congregations affiliated with the SSPX.

Along the drive up to the seminary building a team of seminarians hoisted dozens of flag poles from which were hurled colorful pennants adorned with Catholic emblems. Across the grounds, meanwhile, another pair of seminarians used a bobcat to transport concrete materials.

Through all the activity guests arrived in steady numbers, in cars or vans, cleric and religious and laity; introductions were made, old friends were reacquainted.

Around 6:30 PM the crowd began to move toward the main pavilion. A few minutes later the Blessed Sacrament was conveyed from the seminary chapel to the outdoor tabernacle, and Benediction took place – a fitting act of public adoration on the eve of the next day’s great event.

"What the Church needs, what the people long for, are priests of God: priests who expresses God by their whole being, by their whole attitude, by their whole manner of acting, by their every word."

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Ecône, June 29, 1975