The Focolare movement turns 60

Source: FSSPX News


The Focolare movement is currently celebrating 60 years of existence. The pope recalled on this occasion "the important role" of the ecclesial movements for the new evangelization in Europe: "in 60 years of rapid and deeply moving social changes which marked the world", the members of the Focolare movement knew how to be "apostles of dialogue, a privileged means to promote unity", writes Jean-Paul II in a message sent to Chiara Lubich, the founder of Focolare, a movement "directed to God’s love and serving unity in the Church and in the world". The Supreme Pontiff said he was "spiritually close to this great spiritual family, which has now spread all over the world".

The mission of this movement is to work for dialogue in the Church, ecumenical dialogue, interreligious dialogue and dialogue with unbelievers.

Particularly hinting at the European continent and at its 2000-year Christian tradition, the pope recalls "the urgent duty for every Christian for a renewed commitment to answer the challenges of the new evangelization". "From this perspective, he asserts, the ecclesial movements, and in particular Focolare, have an important role to play. They are a precious gift for the Church which encourages them and invites them to carry out their prophetic action, guided by the pastors, for the edification of the whole people of God".

The Polish archbishop Stanislas Rylko read this message to 1500 members of the Focolare, gathered in their Mariapolis Center in the outskirts of Rome. This movement, first recognized in 1962, then definitively in 1992, received numerous testimonies of gratitude on behalf of the Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran churches, as well as the other religions. It comprises about 2 million members and sympathizers, distributed in 182 countries on five continents.