Focus on the war against Iraq

Source: FSSPX News


For a number of weeks now the impenetrable American initiative has caught the attention of the world’s population to the point of making this war it calls inescapable as odious as it is useless. The press is glutted with it, conversations revolve around it and humanity is divided into two camps, which are not necessarily those of Good and Evil. Tensions rise dangerously between former Allies and Europe is frankly showing its limits before this unexpected trial. Pacifists of every stripe are for the moment the big winners of this “waiting game” and may well remain so. Enmities are born across the Atlantic, the English Channel or the Pyrenees, which threaten to leave serious scars and weaken the West.

In this imbroglio, which impedes a proper understanding of the real reasons for the differences between “westerners”, the Holy See has chosen the side of peace. The pope and Bishop Tauran, in charge of relations between countries, have multiplied contacts recently, receiving several heads of state or ministers (Germany, Spain, Great Britain), Tarek Aziz, vice-Prime Minister of Iraq (who is a Maronite Catholic), Kofi Anan, Secretary General of the U.N., not to mention the deployment of diplomatic actions to the latter international organization. Equally noteworthy are pope’s appeal for Christians to turn toward Mary, model of evangelization and the appeal to the recitation of the rosary, “a privileged instrument to build peace in the hearts of men”. Little Jacinta of Fatima praying the rosary has been presented as a model for the promotion of peace.

These messages in favor of peace are worthy of respect. It is proper, however, to see things supernaturally and not to forget that it is vain to try to obtain peace by diplomatic means or even by prayer, if, at the same time, one calls on all the religions and thus false gods to participate in this movement. It would seem difficult to obtain something from God while at the same time insulting Him. Today’s ecumenism is an undertaking, which stains even good actions. “God laughs at the prayers offered to Him to take away public calamities when one does not oppose the deeds that brought them down” to quote Bossuet.

In May 1916, while the war was raging, the “Angel of Portugal” appeared to the three children of Fatima. What did he tell them? To go find such and such political leader and to lead a vast campaign against Freemasonry, which was the cause of this war? He told them “With all your might, offer to God a sacrifice as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for sinners. By this means, you will draw down peace on your country.”

According to the famous definition of St. Augustine “peace is the tranquility of order”. Of course, order begins when man manifests his submission to God. It is understandable then why divine politics demands first of all conversion and penance before according peace to nations. In other words, peace is not the immediate fruit of prayer, but this prayer must first of all be true and just; in addition, penance and the conversion of men to the one true God are necessary.