Foundress of the Focolare passes judgment on Deus Caritas est.

Source: FSSPX News


Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare, commented upon the first encyclical of the pope in the following words: "God is love. Great has been my gratitude to pope Benedict XVI since the title of his first encyclical was announced! It arouses in us the hope that the great message "God is love", that the word "love" brought back to its original splendor may be propagated to the infinite, just like when you throw a rock into the water and it forms ever growing concentric circles. The interest the media took in it even before its release and now even more, make us foresee this.

"God is love" is certainly the Word that Jesus wants to say today, in this new millennium. Yes, love is inscribed in the very nature of the Church, as the pope wrote it. These past decades new charisma aroused by the Spirit came to increase her already rich patrimony. The announcement: "God is love! God loves you just as you are" traveled by word of mouth, transforming the life of millions of people". (…)