Fr. Gutierrez defends liberation theology

Source: FSSPX News


In an interview given to the weekly Settimana, the father of liberation theology, Gustavo Gutierrez gives us these personal views : “According to me, the problem is the Gospel, not the theology. Myself, I do not believe in this theology, I believe in Jesus Christ. Theology is not a matter of Faith, it is an instrument which helps us to have a better understanding of the biblical and Christian message. If one day that theology were no longer useful, then it would no longer be significant and it would become obsolete. But on the other hand it would be very grave for me, as a Christian to say that the Gospel is no longer significant ”.

For Fr. Gutierrez, liberation theology is nothing more than a current thinking “precisely present within the Church”, and the Magisterium took it into account at Puebla, at San Domingo, in Populorum progressio, and in so many of the teachings of John-Paul II. And he added that poverty is not “the fruit of the will of God, but the fruit of human economic systems which produce sub-human living conditions for many people”.

What is close to Fr. Gutierrez’s heart is that the proclamation of the Gospel should be liberating. He regrets that such a liberating proclamation is not sufficiently present, especially in Latin America.

This Liberation theologian has just given an intensive four week course, at the faculty of theology at the pontifical university Angelicum in Rome. (see DICI no 86)