Fr. Sten Sandmark Speaks of His Apostolate in Sweden

Source: FSSPX News

Father Sten Sandmark.

Fr. Sten Sandmark is a former Lutheran pastor, a convert to Catholicism. In 2010 he was ordained a priest of the Society of St. Pius X at Zaitzkofen, Germany.

In its latest trimestrial letter (4-2012), the association Missions published a resume of the dinner-conference held in Paris on October 30 for Fr. Sten Sandmark on the initiative of Radio Silence.

The former Lutheran pastor, a convert to Catholicism, has become a priest of the Society of St. Pius X. He exercises his ministry in Sweden, his native land. Fabienne Monclar wrote down his testimony:

Fr. Sten lives on the east coast, in Oaskarshamn, to the south of the capitol, between Stockholm and Malmö. He makes no secret of the fact that the internal crisis of 2009 (Bishop Williamson’s affair with the media) dealt a harsh blow to the SSPX’s apostolate in Sweden. His own name appeared in the news and posters were distributed announcing that ‘our vicar (pastor) is a former Nazi.’ After having been turned away, people are coming back little by little. Fr. Sten renews former contacts and celebrates daily Mass in his hermitage.

Timid and not very talkative, the Swedes do not speak of religion. However, once the relationships are well established, they are ready to talk about it, but it takes time. And we have to speak Swedish or at least Norwegian or Danish. For this, we have the exceptional help of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary who has never abandoned Sweden. In the churches, especially the old churches, there are statues of the Blessed Virgin. In the Isle of Gotland, she has a golden statue that is carried in procession every August 15. The Blessed Virgin is present in the Swedish songs and literature. She will help us to come back. In conclusion, Fr. Sten intoned a lovely Swedish hymn in honor of our heavenly Mother.”

Source: Missions / DICI #267 - Dec. 21, 2012