France: 150,000 Divorces per Year since 2005

Source: FSSPX News

In its September 27 edition, the French weekly Le Pelerin published a survey concerning Catholics and divorce. Among the French, 85% say that they do not understand why divorcees are forbidden to marry again in the Church, and 80% do not understand the impossibility for them to receive Holy Communion. This incomprehension is equally shared by French people who say they are Catholics: only 24% of regularly practicing Catholics consider that “the Church is right to forbid” re-marriage in the Church, and only 16% say that “the Church is right to forbid them to receive communion.”
The editor of the Pelerin, René Poujol, reminds us in his editorial that in 2005 the number of divorces per year went over 150,000 divorces a year. 79%0 of the French, and the same proportion of Catholics think that “the Church should adopt a more lenient attitude concerning divorce in order to take into account the evolution of the way of life.” – This supposedly Catholic magazine does not wonder whether the way of life should not be in conformity with Catholic morality. (DICI n° 202 - 17/10/09 – Sources: Apic/ La Croix)