France: 63% Catholics Think that All Religions Are of Equal Value

Source: FSSPX News


On the occasion of a study on the theme What future for Christianity in the West? La Croix published the results of a survey on how Christians are considered in French society. We give here some of the answers obtained by IFOP among 1008 people representative of the French population of 18 years of age and more, and selected according to the quota method.

Concerning the “visibility” of Christians - 67% of the French find that Christians are sufficiently visible in nowadays society. Only 27% find that Christians are not visible enough and do not make themselves talked about enough.

Concerning Christians’ priorities - The French believe that fighting poverty “here at home” and acting in favor of world peace are the two main priorities for Christians in the 21st century, respectively 61% and 54% of the persons surveyed.

Concerning Christians and youth - 70% of the French rather agree with the idea that Christians do not know how to talk to young people, an opinion shared by 64% of practicing Catholics.

Concerning religions in the world - 62% of the French rather agree with the idea that “all religions are of equal value,” and 63% of the practicing Catholics share this opinion.

Concerning the transmission of the faith - For 65% of the French, “parents should leave the choice of their religion up to their children.” 40% of the French in rural areas wish that parents transmit their values and religious culture versus 35% of the French. Women are more sensitive than men to the necessity of such a transmission, 37% vs. 33%. (source: La Croix)