France: Abbé Pierre in favor of the marriage of priest, women’s ordination, homosexual “unions”…

Source: FSSPX News


In his book entitled My God… why? (Plon, publisher), co-written with the publisher of Monde des Religions Frédéric Lenoir, abbé Pierre, aged 93, takes a stand in favor of the marriage of priests: "I know priests who have been living together with women for years and who accept this situation quite well. They continue to be good priests. This raises the crucial question for the Church of the marriage of priests and the ordination of married men." Concerning the ordination of women, he had this to say: "I never understood why John-Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger stated that the Church would never ordain women. Such a statement presupposes that this practice would not be in conformity with the very substance of the Christian faith". Regarding homosexual couples, he wrote: "I understand the sincere desire of many homosexual couples, who have often lived their love as outcasts and clandestinely, to see it acknowledged by society.

Confronted with such declarations contrary to Catholic doctrine, the French bishops made no solemn protest. The communications director of the French Bishops’ Conference, Marie-Caroline de Marliave, was satisfied with granting a brief interview to Le Point Magazine, which in its October 27 edition, published the most scandalous excerpts from abbé Pierre’s book. She declared off-handedly: "In this book, the authors cut the corners on all the difficult issues. They go along with the wind. The fault probably lies with the shortness of the book…" Only the SSPX Superior for the district of France, Fr. Régis de Cacqueray, protested energetically on the official website of the district, La Porte Latine.